7 Ways to Secure Wedding Sales With Drinkware

Wedding season isn't just a season – wedding and engagement events take place year-round and couples are spending more money than ever to make their special day unique. Cash in on the wedding craze by presenting branded drinkware to clients, couples and wedding planners. Here are seven creative ways to get started.

1. Engagement Gifts

The happy couple just got engaged! The good news begins here for you as well; engagement gifts are a great opportunity for branded glassware. Friends and family love giving the future bride and groom imprinted drinkware emblazoned with "Mr. and Mrs. _________," especially if the bride plans to change her last name. Many different styles of drinkware work well here.

2. Bridesmaid & Groomsmen Presents

Let the wedding planning begin! One of the first tasks the bride and groom must handle is asking loved ones to join the wedding party. Due to the time and financial commitments involved, it is customary for the couple to ask their friends and family to join them on their special day with a high-end gift to thank them. Wine glasses and ceramic or glass mugs that can be used to hold coffee, beer or other beverages are popular choices.

3. Bachelor & Bachelorette Accessories

Once wedding participants are on board, it's time to celebrate with bachelor and bachelorette parties. Due in part to the rise in social media, these pre-nuptial throwdowns are anything but understated. This includes the need for branded party accessories, and drinkware is a popular choice. Recommend clients brand glasses with the celebration hashtag or classic sayings like # BrideTribe or #LastFlingBeforeTheRing.

4. Bridal "Morning of" Drinkware

The big day is finally here. On the morning of the wedding, the bride and bridesmaids often get ready together with the photographer in attendance to capture all the special moments. One popular tradition is breakfast and mimosas with all the girls, complete with branded champagne flutes they can sip bubbly from and pose for pics with.

5. Reception Favors

Once the newlyweds have exchanged their vows, the reception kicks off in full swing – and so does another lucrative opportunity for branded drinkware. It's customary for the couple to give favors to their guests to remember the special day. Recommend clients invest in branded wine glasses guests can use during the event and then take home. Or, suggest drinkware that aligns with the wedding's theme, such as mugs for a "Winter Wonderland" event.

6. Reception Activities

There are all kinds of reception activities that lend themselves to branded drinkware. One of the most common uses is for holding a specialty cocktail designed and named for the bride and groom. Mason jars are a particulary popular (and Pinterest-approved) choice. Or, if the bride and groom opted for a hot cocoa bar at their winter wedding, personalized mugs are just the thing for guests to make their own tasty beverage in.

7. Newlywed Toasts

Last but not least, it's time for newlywed toasts. Branded champagne flutes are the perfect promo to send the happy couple off in style. Suggest imprinting each flute with the wedding's hashtag, date and location so guests can take them home as mementos long after the bubbly is gone.

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