Artwork Guidelines and Information

Vector based artwork is required for the best quality in reproduction. They are made up of individual objects instead of pixels. The objects are defined by mathematical equations. You can adjust the size of a vector image and the image remains clear and of high quality.

- File types (.ai, .eps, .pdf)
- Mac or PC Compatible
- Text converted to outlines/art
- Paths converted to outlines/art
- Colors are PMS (Pantone) assigned
- Set to desired size and make note of it in the file.

  (If no size is specified, we will size the art to best fit the product.)

Pixel based image.
- File types (.jpg, .tif, .png)
- Mac or PC Compatible
- File set to at least 300dpi

*In most cases, this format type will require a recreation charge. 
*Artwork taken from online is most likely 72dpi, do not upscale it to 300dpi.
*Please provide the largest size possible. 

Changes to artwork or major touch-up work are charged on a time-use basis.

Size of imprint must be specified, otherwise we will size to maximum imprinting area. Positioning of art must also be indicated or a default position will be used. On handled items, indicate side 1 and / or side 2, opposite handle or wrap. If positioning is not indicated, we will automatically position art on side 1, facing a right handed drinker. Some multi-color imprints require the use of a decal. Contact Customer Service for details as pricing for decals varies per art design.

Our Art Department currently offers over 1000 different typestyles to fit any occasion.

The colors shown below are approximate standard colors currently available in our color library. Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors below are used as a reference. Colors will also vary based on product. Some PMS colors are not available in inorganic pigments. We cannot guarantee exact PMS color matches, but we can come as close as possible using blends from our standard color library. Our best efforts in color matching must be considered acceptable in situations where no pre-production proof is requested.

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